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Glabellar frown lines
Product Information
Glabellar frown lines

Glabellar frown line scaleGlabellar frown line treatment

Steps of treatment with Neuronox®?

Before the treatment

Consult doctors to determine whether you are a candidate for treatment with Neuronox®
Doctors ask you about your goals to determine where to administer
Discuss treatment goals and questions of treatment

The treatment

Doctors choose to numb the area with a ice pack or anesthetic cream
Doctors will administer a few injections of Neuronox® into the muscles

After the treatment

It is done without downtime.
Side effects associated with the injection are bruise at the injected site, headache, flu syndrome, eyelid drooping, nausea, and etc.

Medytox Mini Poll

Which area do your patients most want to be treated with Neuronox?
a. Glabellar lines
b. Crow’s feet
c. Forehead lines
d. Masseter
e. Calf
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